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How Signals4 Can Help Your Teams


Any team's performance depends highly on team coherence. A functioning team can outperform a team with internal or external tensions by a factor of 10.


It takes time for a team to reach coherence and remove performance obstacles. Sometimes it never happens, and lagging team fails to deliver. Perfectly functioning teams often lose momentum over time.


Signals4 is a team feedback platform built to help teams communicate their problems. It's lightweight, requires minimum integration, and designed specifically to not be taken as yet another burden by team members.

How It Works

1. Every member of a team installs a lightweight mobile app

2. Once in a while the app asks them a simple question — “Is Everything Okay?”

3. They can simply ignore it, or answer, “yes” or “no”

4. If the answer is negative, the reporter can advise a topic that can be improved

5. All reports are collected, processed, and team state is then presented on a lightweight dashboard

6. Team managers or superiors see clear facts about team state:

“A tenth of people in Sales Department is unhappy about their work schedule

Overall number of employees discontent with responsibility ownership is growing for five consecutive weeks

“This month everything is ok

7. The reports are truly anonymous, can be sent at any time, and the dashboard is configurable

Signals4 Principles

Signals4 is based on principles and techniques that help team members report, and team managers quickly identify performance obstacles.

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Case Studies

We have built Signals4 as a result of our own experience. We believe the projects we had participated in could have benefited greatly from such a system.

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